1. The core focus of this year’s Google Marketing Live (GML) event revolved around AI.
  2. Google Ads now enables the creation of campaigns using conversational AI directly within its interface.
  3. Google Search Generative Experience integrates Search and Shopping ads seamlessly.
  4. Google Performance Max incorporates generative AI to generate text assets and images.
  5. Google Ads introduces AI-powered assets that target search queries based on user intent.
  6. Google Product Studio empowers advertisers with AI-generated images, allowing manipulation and enhancement of product photos.
  7. Google Merchant Center Next is set to replace Merchant Center, offering a simplified platform that leverages website data for feed creation, reducing technical complexities for less experienced merchants.
  8. Seven new features have been introduced to Google Ads, including brand restrictions in broad match and the integration of AI in Smart Bidding, providing better insights and tools.
  9. Google Ads introduces two new campaign types: Video views and demand generation campaigns.
  10. Video view campaigns combine various ad formats on YouTube to maximize video views, while demand gen campaigns drive conversions across multiple platforms. The new lookalike segment builder helps advertisers expand their reach.

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